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Research and Development

‘AITR’ is a premier institute built on its strong academic background, good infrastructure with high fondness for research and development. Pursuing an ingenious work culture we are a research oriented and innovation driven Institute. ‘AITR’ is equipped with the most up-to-date laboratory facilities and tools to support research and project works.

Presently the main Research Area is in the field of:

Computer Science and Engineering,
Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering,
Civil Engineering and
Information Technology.

Currently we are in the process of developing an Innovation and Incubation Centre (Tinkering lab) to cultivate in students the art of Research and Development activities, implement project ideas, and develop prototypes / products with good technology and commercial potentials that may be even of multi-disciplinary nature involving students from different streams.

General guidelines for proposal writing on Sponsored research / Consultancy projects 

‘AITR’ is committed to excellence in research as well as development of innovative technologies for the future. To achieve this we have to bag and execute successfully R&D projects and consultancy services to Government agencies, public and private sector, Industries and Institutions. Our research strength would be the strength of our Faculty, Research Scholar, and students in addition to the infrastructure.

Given below is the general guide lines in connection to the research proposal writing, however, the exact format would be as per the guidelines and format available at the web sites of the respective funding agencies. Also, the Institute ‘R & D Cell’ will review and provide necessary guidance to improve the proposal in line with the requirements of funding agency/industries.

Guidelines on the proposal 

  • Project responsibility: Sponsored research projects allow for new resources to be created in the Institute. These projects are headed by a Principal Investigator (PI), and should have Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) or administrative PI to operate the project in case PI is out of station and the deliverables are the responsibility of the PIs. The Institute provides the necessary support to PIs.
  • For each sponsored project, the entire expenditure for the operation of the project is required to be met out of funds provided by the sponsoring agency. The responsibility for operation of the project lies with the PI.
  • Preparation and Submission of the Proposal: The project proposal should be formulated according to the format prescribed by the concerned funding agency. The format is available at the respective website of each Funding agency.
  • While making an estimate of the funds required for a project, the following budget heads normally should be taken into account:
  • Salary of Project Staff
  • Equipments
  • Consumables
  • Travel
  • Contingency
  • Overheads
  • Overheads: Overheads are calculated normally @ 20% of the total project cost.
  • Sponsored project refers to one in which the PI does not charge honoraria. For a project sponsored by a government agency, no honorarium in any form can be claimed. Amount may be used by the PIs as approved in the respective budget head by the funding agency.
  • The proposal should be submitted to the Director / Principal for signature after getting it forwarded by the HOD and verified by Dean R & D or in a manner prescribed by the funding agency. Forwarding is meant to ensure that sufficient resources are available, and the project can be executed.
  • The Institute office will make a suitable record of the proposal, and then forward the proposal to the concerned funding agency along with the Institute’s cover letter. Alternatively, it may be given to the PI for forwarding it to the agency.
  • Intellectual Property Right (IPR) issue: All IPR related issues are agreed between the Institute and the funding agency. Preferably, IPR will be jointly shared by ‘AITR’ and the funding agency.
  • After completion of the project, final report should be submitted to the funding agency, a copy of which is given to the Director / Principal’s office for records.

Final report along with utilization certificate (UC) and any unspent amount in the project account are sent to the funding agency.

General Information on Research and Development Funding Schemes of Central Government Departments Agencies



Testing and Consultancy facilities :-
 We at Acropolis Institute of technology and Research Indore, are providing technical services for testing of Materials like Soil , Coarse and Fine Aggregate, Crusher Products, Cement all types, Concrete Cubes / Blocks / Cement Concrete, Interlocking Blocks, Flooring Tiles, Bricks all types and consultancy facilities in the field of Environmental Engineering in Civil Engineering Laboratory of the Institute.
Testing :-
  1. Tests for soil :-
    • Laboratory C.B.R. test
    • Liquid limit and plastic limit test
    • Shrinkage limit test
    • Permeability test (lab)
    • Sieve analysis (Gradation of soil)
    • Moisture content
    • Proctor compaction test (OMC-MDD)
  2. Tests for Bricks :-
    • Compressive strength.
    • Water absorption.
    • Effervescence.
  3. Tests for aggregates :-
    • Impact Test
    • Flakiness index
    • Elongation index
    • Specific gravity
    • Sieve analysis (Gradation )
    • Soundness test
  4. Tests for Concrete :-
    • Compressive Strength
    • Slump Test
  5. Tests for Cement :-
    • Fineness test
    • Consistency test
    • Initial and final setting time
    • Compressive Strength
  6. Tests for water / waste-water :-
    • pH
    • Acidity
    • Alkalinity
    • Chlorides
    • Sulphate
    • Dissolved Oxygen
    • Biochemical Oxygen Demand
    • Chemical Oxygen Demand
    • Suspended solids
    • Dissolved solids
    • Total solids
    • Total Hardness
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Mg Hardness
  7. Sample Collection Facility :-
    • Campus
    • M/s CADD systems and Services Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Contact Persons :-
          Campus :-
    Prof. S.K.Sohani
    Dept. of Civil Engineering.
    Acropolis Institute of Tech.& Research, Indore Bypass Road, Manglia Square,
    Indore ( M.P. ) 453771
    Tel. no. : 0731-4730030
    Fax no. : 0731-4200532,4200533
    Website :,
    E mail :
  9. M/s CADD systems and Services Pvt. Ltd.
                   Mr. Vijyant Solanki
    M/s CADD systems and services Pvt. Ltd., 104-105,
    Girnar Tower, 2/5 New Palasia Indore.
                   Tel. no. : 0731- 4065111
  10. Quantity of material required
    Test for soil 50 Kg.
    Tests for aggregate 10 Kg.
    Test for concrete 3 Nos. cubes (7 days/ 14 days/28 days.)
    Test of cement 10 kg
    Test for brick 12 Nos.

    Testing and Consultancies Facilities(Mechanical Engineering Department)
    In Mechanical Engineering Department we have Testing Machines operation viz UTM, Hardness, Impact Tester.

  11. Testing on UTM

    • Tensile strength with elongation
    • Yield/Proof stress
  12. Testing on Brinell/Rockwell Hardness Tester
                Hardness testing
  13. Impact Testing
    • Izod impact testing
    • Charpy impact test
  14. Valuation of plant and machinery
    • Industry
    • Banks